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Laura Moreno

Home Buying Advisor + Educator For The New Wave Of First Time Home Buyers

Enjoy Buying Your Dream Home And Save Time And Money In The Process

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Hi, I'm Laura

Laura Moreno Home Buying Advisory Call

I’m a home buying advisor and host of the leading podcast for first time home buyers that has helped over 100,000 home buyers like you.

I can show you how to enjoy buying an awesome home while saving time and money in the process. I also teach you how to avoid costly mistakes.

And now, you can join Buy Smart, the best home buying program that will help you buy a home and create the life of your dreams. This course will help you:

✅ Feel confident and empowered
✅ Save tens of thousands of dollars
✅ Avoid home buyers remorse
✅ Save hundreds of hours on research

Buying Your Dream Home Doesn’t Have To Be Hard

Take it from those who have worked with me!

Testimonial 1 - First Time Home Buyer

“Laura gave me tons of useful info that I hadn’t thought about before. I had pretty much made my mind up, and I would’ve been making a huge mistake if it weren’t for Laura! She saved me a lot of money AND heartache. 10/10 recommend!!”

Melanie - Manhattan, NY

Testimonial 2 - First Time Home Buyer

“Looking to buy a home is hard but Laura is starting to make it easier with her video calls. We were able to talk about the steps of buying a home as well as the resources needed. It has been a great help knowing that there are people on our side wanting to help us get our first home.”

Ian - Portland, OR

Testimonial 3 - First Time Home Buyer

“Talking to Laura was incredibly valuable in helping me consider things from all angles when thinking through my first home purchase. Laura is a great coach and partner in this process -- she has both the knowledge and resources to help first-time homebuyers navigate this process with ease!”

Calli - Minneapolis, MN

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Home Buying Advisor and Host of The First Time Home Buyer Podcast.

About Laura

Laura believes that everyone deserves a fantastic home buying experience without regrets that provides you with a great home and that creates generational wealth.

This is why she set out to help others after her own very stressful time buying her home.

She also loves dancing, mindfulness and being grateful for everything!

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