Don’t Get Played! 10 Common Tricks Real Estate Agents Use To Outsmart Home Buyers

Don't Get Played! 10 Common Tricks Real Estate Agents Use To Outsmart Home Buyers


In our recent YouTube video, we delved into the tricky world of real estate, exposing the common tactics employed by agents to outsmart unsuspecting home buyers. It’s crucial to be aware of these strategies and arm yourself with knowledge to make informed decisions in the home-buying process.

Trick 1: Attendance at a Home Inspection Isn’t Necessary

Don’t fall for the misconception that attending a home inspection isn’t crucial. Personal attendance is key to uncover potential issues and ask questions. Meet Sarah, a first-time homebuyer who skipped the inspection, only to discover major structural issues later, costing her thousands in unexpected repairs.

Trick 2: Wrapping Extra Fees into Commission or Selling Extras

Agents may hide additional fees in their commission or push unnecessary extras. Scrutinize financial details and negotiate transparently. John, eager to secure his first home, found hidden fees in his agent’s commission and was pressured into buying unnecessary extras, impacting his budget.

Trick 3: Steering You into Buying Their Listing

Beware of agents pushing you towards their own listings. Explore various options and don’t feel obligated to buy the agent’s listing. Emily missed out on better-suited homes within her budget because her agent aggressively pushed their own listing.

Trick 4: Only Showing Expensive Properties with a High Commission Payout

Agents may focus on high-commission properties, potentially overlooking more suitable options. Communicate your budget clearly and seek a range of property options. Mark, seeking a modest home, felt uncomfortable as his agent consistently showed him expensive properties, neglecting his needs.

Trick 5: Creating a False Sense of Urgency

Agents may manufacture urgency to expedite the buying process. Take your time, conduct thorough research, and don’t succumb to artificial pressure. Jessica rushed into a purchase due to her agent’s manufactured urgency, later realizing she could have negotiated better terms.

Trick 6: Selective Showings Based on Commission

Agents may selectively show properties based on commission rates. Be aware of this practice and insist on viewing all relevant properties. David discovered that his agent neglected to present equally suitable homes with lower commissions.

Trick 7: Manipulating Sales Comps

Be cautious of agents manipulating sales comparables (comps) to influence pricing. Independently research property values and question discrepancies. Chris paid more than market value due to manipulated comps, inflating the perceived value of the property.

Trick 8: Referral Tricks / Insisting You Use Their Mortgage Brokers

Agents insisting on specific mortgage brokers may have a conflict of interest. Explore multiple mortgage options independently for the best deal. Alex faced higher fees and less favorable terms by using his agent’s preferred mortgage broker.

Trick 9: Real Estate Agent Tricks to Bully You Into Buying Fast / Pushing You to the Limits

Stand firm against tactics pressuring you into quick decisions. Take your time and make decisions at your own pace. Tina felt bullied into a quick decision, resulting in later regret for not considering all aspects of the property.

Trick 10: Not Always Working for You / Making Stuff Up

Agents may not always prioritize the buyer’s best interests. Be discerning, ask questions, and verify information independently. Michael’s agent provided misleading information jeopardizing his long-term investment.

Solution: Interview at Least 3 Real Estate Agents

Conduct interviews with multiple agents to gain diverse perspectives. Ask questions about fees, processes, and potential conflicts of interest. Select an agent who aligns with your needs, values transparency, and prioritizes your best interests. Brian’s informed decision-making led him to an agent who helped him secure a home within budget.


In the complex world of real estate, vigilance is key. Stay informed, ask questions, and share your experiences and insights in the comments section. Don’t let real estate agents outsmart you – empower yourself to make the best decisions for your home-buying journey. πŸ‘πŸ’‘


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