Mortgage Interest Rates Going Up: 4 Steps To Decide If You Should Buy

In this video, I am going to share with you exactly what I would do if I was interested in buying a home when mortgage interest rates have reached almost 5% and home prices are way up.

I am going to cover how you might be feeling and what can you do to calm down and decide if you should buy a home or not, including running again your numbers, reminding yourself why you are buying a home, and calculating again what would be best in the long run, buy vs rent. I would also cover what can you do if rates go down again and how probable it is for the home prices to go down after you buy.

I am doing this so that you can review what your options are, relax, and decide if you are interested in buying a home with the current market conditions

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Laura Moreno is a licensed real estate agent in Brooklyn, New York with eRealty as of the time of making this video. All information given is meant to be educational and be a starting point in your home buying/selling journey. All topics in my videos are based on my prior experiences, please double-check and confirm/consult with a local licensed professional real estate agent or mortgage lender if it applies to your situation.

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