While saving time and money and having the best time of your life!

The Smart Home Buyer Bootcamp

is a step-by-step program for feeling safe, confident, and prepared when buying your first home, so you never have regrets or don't have enough money to do the things that you love after buying your first home.

And without having to spend 100+ hours of online research trying to understand if you should talk to an agent or a lender first, or trying to understand which lenders will give you the best interest rate.

It is a shortcut for the peace of mind that you'll get buying a wonderful first home feeling safe, confident, and prepared so that you avoid making expensive mistakes.

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I have been there.

I thought the only way to buy a home was "to risk it" and pray so that I wouldn't get screwed.

And so, like most people, I wasted hundreds of hours trying to learn more, posting in online groups all the time, and trying to do what random websites were telling me I should do.

BUT nothing worked... Can you relate?

I was still terrified to buy a home.

IMAGINE what it would be like when ...

✅ How to buy a home for you is crystal clear for you so you don't make mistakes

✅ You planned all the steps that you need to take to buy a home and you know exactly what documents you need to sign, when, and what they mean ahead of time so that you can prepare yourself and avoid expensive mistakes

✅ You find the right lender, agent, and inspector, and every time you email them they stop everything to help you

✅ You buy a mind-blowing home that is an exceptional investment and that sets you up for an unbelievable financial success

✅ You master the art of buying homes and you love it so much that you end up owning several homes

Here's the thing;

You want to buy a home but you are terrified of making a huge mistake in the most important purchase of your life.

But you have 3 big problems...

FIRST, you don't know what you don't know

SECOND, you don't have the time to do all the amount of research that you need to do to feel 100% safe.

THIRD, you don't know who to TRUST and you really don't trust real estate agents because they have let you down in the past.


Stop browsing homes online ... it's not helping.

Stop trying to find free information online. There's just so much! You are wasting your time.

Stop worrying about which lender will give you the best interest rate.

Stop posting messages online asking for help (and then getting spammed!)

More online research is NOT the answer.

Testimonial 1 - First Time Home Buyer

“Laura gave me tons of useful info that I hadn’t thought about before. I had pretty much made my mind up, and I would’ve been making a huge mistake if it weren’t for Laura! She saved me a lot of money AND heartache. 10/10 recommend!!”

Melanie - Manhattan, NY

Home Buying Advisor and Host of The First Time Home Buyer Podcast.

Hi, I'm Laura

I’m a home buying advisor and host of the leading podcast for first time home buyers.

I can show you how to enjoy buying an awesome home while saving time and money in the process. I also teach you how to avoid costly mistakes.

My first time home buying podcast has helped hundreds of thousands of home buyers like you.

And now, you can enroll in The Smart Home Buyer Bootcamp, the best online course that will help you:

✓ Buy the home of your dreams
✓ Save tens of thousands of dollars
✓ Avoid home buyers remorse
✓ Save hundreds of hours on research

Testimonial 2 - First Time Home Buyer

“Looking to buy a home is hard but Laura is starting to make it easier with her video calls. We were able to talk about the steps of buying a home as well as the resources needed. It has been a great help knowing that there are people on our side wanting to help us get our first home.”

Ian - Portland, OR

Tell me if this is you:

✓ A first time home buyer looking to feel safe, and confident in the most important purchase of your life

✓ A mom looking to provide for a safe and stable home for her family, including her young children

✓ Tired of wasting money on rent

✓ Struggling to understand what are the right steps to buy a home

✓ Feeling overwhelmed with information that is both contradictory and all over the place

✓ Tired of getting spammed every time you post your questions in groups online

✓ Terrified of skipping steps and make a huge financial mistake

Testimonial 3 - First Time Home Buyer

“Talking to Laura was incredibly valuable in helping me consider things from all angles when thinking through my first home purchase. Laura is a great coach and partner in this process -- she has both the knowledge and resources to help first-time homebuyers navigate this process with ease!”

Calli - Minneapolis, MN

How Did Things Change?

Finally, I had a breakthrough.

Buying a home is really complicated and overwhelming and no one in the industry will stop you even if if you are about to make the most severe mistake (because they still want to get paid...)

That's why you need to follow a step-by-step system that will handhold you during the home buying process to make sure that you are not skipping any crucial steps.

Of course! That process will give you the ANSWERS to all your questions, even the ones that you still didn't know you needed to ask!

And it will help you get familiar with all the documents in advance, so you don't see them the first time when you have to sign!

Armed with THE SMART HOME BUYER BOOTCAMP, you will be able to ask the right questions, hire a perfect team, buy a great home at a great price, and get the cheapest mortgage, all while having a really great time and having peace of mind.

Jennifer First Time Home Buyer
"I worked with Laura after listening to her home buying podcast and she helped me tremendously with buying my first home. Her expertise and empathy were invaluable because she provided advice about everything from obtaining an independent home inspector to securing a loan with the best terms. Her unbiased insights enabled me to understand each step and avoid common pitfalls. She also asked me detailed questions to understand my individual situation which I appreciated. I will definitely work with her again and I highly recommend her to anyone who is buying a home for the first time."
Jennifer - California, CA

Stop wasting time trying to understand how to buy your first home

STOP searching for information online that leaves you more confused than when you started

STOP being scared of missing something crucial and making a serious mistake

IMAGINE, what life will be like when you, too, have a home that is yours and that wows others?

Tom First Time Home Buyer

Laura was very kind and generous to spend some of her time talking with my wife and me about the possibility of buying our first home. We both appreciated her insight and thought-provoking questions, as well as her good humor and candid conversation. She encouraged us not to buy into the scarcity mindset and frenzy that surrounds home buying - but to take our time, relax, and even rent until we are sure."

Tom - California, CA



82% of home buyers regret having bought a home.

That's why you need to follow a step-by-step system, The Smart Home Buyer Bootcamp that will handhold you during the home buying process to make sure that you are not skipping steps and making mistakes.

This is the most important purchase of your life, and in this first module, I'll give you the ROADMAP to your own Smart Home Buying journey.


Your customized step-by-step home buying process - the secret sauce for a safe and relaxing home buying experience



Forget about the hundreds of online calculators that make you anxious and only leave you with more questions.

You only need these 4 advanced calculators that will make you a confident first-time home buyer so that you can get peace of mind and save hundreds of hours of online research and lots of sleepless nights full of anxiety.

Using the Affordability, Budget, and Costs Formula you will have a stress-free home buying experience and peace of mind when buying your first home.


Your 100% accurate budget to buy a home that won't leave you house poor.

Your accurate calculator of final closing costs to buy each and every home that you see so you stop being anxious about the costs of buying a home.

Your accurate ongoing housing costs calculator that includes everything that you'll need to pay each month for your new home (including electricity, and water) so that you can understand your new living expenses before you decide to buy a home.



It's one thing to have peace of mind when buying your first home, but getting it for the lowest amount of money, that's a different ball game altogether.

This is why it is essential to follow our 10-Step Formula to get the cheapest mortgage and the one with the best conditions.

Don't worry; it's extremely easy. Just follow the 10-Step formula and watch your loan officers fight for your business by sending you the cheapest mortgage offers.


Your fool-proof system to find the cheapest mortgage with the best conditions for your circumstances.

Your own calculator to understand which mortgage is better for you, that answers questions like should you buy points and others.

Your list of documents to create a mortgage package that will attract the best loan officers.



In an industry where there are 2 million real estate agents, how do you find an exceptional agent to represent you?

The Buyer's Agent formula will help you find that Unicorn agent that will educate you, keep you grounded, fight for you, and make sure you end up closing on your dream home.

We will follow that specific system to make sure you find a great fit.


The system to find the best buyer's agent that makes you his or her only priority and that will communicate with you efficiently and educate you in the process.

The system to find the best buyer's agent that works with down payment programs.

The system to find a buyer's agent that will happily refund you part of his earnings (if you wish so).



Now that you've gathered a great team and fantastic information on how to buy a home with peace of mind, it is time to visit properties that match your criteria.

But what are the right steps to visit open houses? How can you evaluate the condition of a home? And which questions you should ask?

In this module, we will go through the Dream Home Formula to make sure that you think about everything when considering buying a home and that you create an exceptional offer that gets accepted.

We will also cover your return on investment so that you have well-deserved peace of mind when you send your home buying offer.


The system to define and prioritize your must-haves and your nice-to-haves to find a home that meets your and your family's priorities.

The system to unify priorities even if you are buying as a couple.

The fail-proof formula to craft a home buying offer that gets accepted, even in a crazy competitive market.

The contingency checklist, a formula that allows you to protect your money with contingencies when crafting your offer.



Most inspectors receive clients from real estate agents this is why they don't want to "kill the deal" as they call it by giving you a very negative report on the home.

This is why you need to protect yourself and find and hire the right inspector, which is the one that will tell you the real condition of the home even if that means "killing the deal".

In this module, you'll learn the proven Home Inspector Formula, which will guarantee that you work with a great home inspector, that discloses the real condition of the home, and that will be willing to buy your home back if he screws up.


The steps to take to save time and understand the kind of repairs a home may need even before having (and paying for) a home inspection.

The system to make sure you have a home- inspection that saves you money.

The steps to take to find a home inspector that will buy your home back if he misses important repairs on the home inspection.

Najua First Time Home Buyer

I was coming to Laura looking to buy a house but not sure if I should buy one at the moment. Laura really helped come to a great decision in my home buying process. In doing so she explained it in great detail and also gave me different options. Love the suggestions she provided. Very helpful. 

Najua - Albany, NY

So, how does THE SMART HOME BUYER BOOTCAMP actually help you buy your first home with ABSOLUTE CONFIDENCE, saving TIME and MONEY in the process, and BECOMING THE EXAMPLE OF FINANCIAL SUCCESS for others?

You might be saying, but I can find all this information online, and you probably can.

But there is a BIG difference between knowing where to find ALL that information and actually getting the results that you want. Meaning, actually BUYING YOUR HOME SUCCESSFULLY saving TIME and MONEY in the process.

THE SMART HOME BUYER BOOTCAMP is all about making you a confident homebuyer while creating amazing results.

You don't have to sit through 20 hours of lessons or work through theory. Everything is laid out in practical, actionable, bite-sized lessons.

Once you implement this formula, you will buy your home within the next few months.


One simple framework that practically guarantees you to buy your first home with ABSOLUTE CONFIDENCE, HAVING PEACE OF MIND AND SAVING TIME & MONEY in the process while becoming the example of financial success for others.


Every time I take a private client on ($3K+ investment), this is where we start. This is the EXACT first step.

It TRULY can't get better than this.

Important – since this product is so underpriced currently, we will likely raise the price soon. So the only way to get in on this – which is the lowest it will ever be offered at… is to sign up now… while it’s fresh on your mind.

This is a special offer and we’d hate to see you miss this opportunity.

14-Day Money Back, No-Risk Guarantee

With THE SMART HOME BUYER BOOTCAMP, you are going to buy your home with absolute confidence, and save a lot of time and money in the process, with as little as 15 minutes a day

If you don't learn how to do any of that, I don't deserve to keep your money. Just contact my team within 30 days of purchase, and we will refund 100% of your money back to you.

You have nothing to lose with this tiny, one-time investment.

Because Your Deserve The Best Unbiased Advice

Stop wasting time trying to buy your home.

HOW LONG will you keep on searching for information online that leaves you more confused than when you started? 

HOW LONG will you tolerate being scared of missing something crucial and making a serious mistake?

It's time to get serious.

It's time to claim your home. It's YOUR time.

Because Your Deserve The Best Unbiased Advice




Here's what you'll achieve after taking this course.

Get the THE SMART HOME BUYER BOOTCAMP to gain confidence, feel safe and prepared by following a guided step-by-step system that covers in advance everything that you will go through in your home buying process (including the documents).

Saving time and money in the process and become the example of financial success for others.



Take this course and feel confident, safe, and prepared in the most important purchase of your life.

There's nothing to lose. You get a 14-day 100% money-back guarantee.

Enroll In The Smart Home Buyer Bootcamp