The Smart Home Buyer Bootcamp 🏑

⭐️ Have A Stellar Experience Buying Your First Home ⭐️

The Smart Home Buyer Bootcamp is the ONLY COURSE that you'll need to feel super prepared and empowered to buy your first home

It will also help you feel genuinely calm and confident before you make the most expansive and exciting purchase of your life

And on top of that, and as crazy as it sounds, it will also help you save a lot of money

So, how does it sound?

Let's get this party started!

So What Are The Results That You'll Get?

Β By the end of this 6-week course, you will ...

βœ… Have a clear idea of the exact area and type of home that you want (finally! heck yeah!)

βœ…Β  Find out exactly how much you should spend on your home so that you can keep on eating out and traveling around this awesome world (yes, I so much need this!)Β 

βœ…Β  Figure out how to hire the super most awesome top real estate professionals that make you feel amazing and get you the home that you love (including an amazing lender, and a top-notch million-dollar-listing type real estate agent)

βœ… Discover how you can save A TON of money buying your home (yes! that is possible, I promise you!)

βœ… Understand how to get the best mortgage with the lowest interest rate to buy your home (and why everyone is doing this the opposite way!)

βœ…Β  Get to know in advance all the crazy amounts of documents that you’ll need to sign before you buy your home so that when the time comes you feel like the FREAKING BOSS that you are

βœ…Β  Know how to protect your awesome new home so that you can sleep tight at nightΒ 

βœ…Β  Get your awesome homebuying offer accepted on the home that you really love, so that you will finally own your awesome new home!

βœ…Β  Feel super safe, confident, and empowered buying your first home so that every day you feel hyper-proud of the great decision that you made buying your beautiful home!

So, How Does It Work?

⭐️ Online Course ⭐️

Once you enroll, you'll receive access to the 6 classes on the course that will prepare you to rock your home buying process

Sounds like a plan?

"The way that the course is outlined tracks with the questions that I will have. It is helpful to hear it all in a structured process, a timeline that follows the timeline to buy a home. Super helpful information that I didn't really know."

Brennan - Austin, TX

So What Are These 6 Awesome Lessons

βœ… Lesson 1. What Is Your Home Buying Process

βœ… Lesson 2. What Is The Total Cost Of Buying A Home

βœ… Lesson 3. How To Find Your Dream Home

βœ… Lesson 4. How To Get The Best Mortgage

βœ… Lesson 5. How To Prepare An Irresistible Home Buying Offer

βœ… Lesson 6. How To Have An Awesome Closing

Great! I Am Interested. What is the cost?Β 

This is the easiest part

I made it a no-brainer cost of one payment of $297

Can you believe it? This is the lowest price it will ever be!

I am making it a no-sweat piece of cake price for you so that you join and have a STELLAR home buying experience!

So, let's do it!

Enroll In The Smart Home Buyer Bootcamp Now

And Completely ROCK Buying Your First Home!