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Would You Like To Close More Deals & Have More Time With Your Family?

Great social media marketing isn't just for top real estate firms anymore... Now people just like you are able to take advantage of the same strategy that has driven results for the top real estate professionals in the country.

Join The Strategy That The Top Real Estate Professionals Online Are Using To Generate More Clients

Launched in 2020, we've featured over 250 incredible real estate professionals including Leonard Steinberg, real estate agent with over 5 billion dollars in transactions, Tony DiGiuseppe, mortgage advisor with over 5,000 loans closed, and Nick Gromicko, the founder of InterNACHI, the #1 association of home inspectors.

What Have We Discovered?

We have discovered 2 great opportunities online.

1) First time home buyers are desperate for education and they are always looking for it online in places like podcasts and videos:

"I have literally listened to every single podcast you've put out! Your podcast gave me the confidence and knowledge to be serious about being a first-time home buyer! Truly, I wouldn't be where I am today if I hadn't learned so much to make me feel like it was a realistic possibility. More importantly, they made me feel like I didn't have to navigate this stuff alone. Even though I never met you or had a convo with you or any of your guests, I always felt like I had an expert on my side."

Nik, First Time Home Buyer

2) Great real estate professionals struggle to create that content

"All I want is to get interviewed, have the social media posts go live everywhere, and watch the leads and sales come in - without having to do any additional work."

David S., real estate agent

How Do We Help You?

That's when we come in. We take a value-driven podcasting experience designed to teach, encourage action, and drive results for you.

It's easy to do.

All you have to do is schedule your interview now and tell us what you'd like to talk about.

Then we will record a 30-minute video interview over Zoom and schedule it to be released in around 4 weeks.

How Do We Promote Your Interview?

After your interview, our team will begin the editing process to convert your interview into several pieces of content that we will publish as a:

  • a podcast, which will send to Spotify, iTunes, and other podcast players and radios
  • a long video, that we will publish on YouTube
  • several social media messages that we will publish on LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook
  • several short videos, that we will publish on TikTok, Instagram Reels, and YouTube Shorts
  • and a blog post with your transcription that we will optimize to rank in Google for your main keywords

We will also make sure we target your specific market adding the right hashtags for your type of customer and location.

You will be informed every step of the way by email and social media mentions until all the content has been published.

We make several pieces of content for you from a 30-minute podcast interview, and we publish it in:

30-Minute Interview (3)

Now You Can Get Your Name Out There With Ease (In Just 30 Minutes)

Can you imagine what one viral social media post would do for your business each month? What kind of return would that bring to you?

For $299 we will execute everything.

To reserve the time for the interview choose a time now, fill in the form, and make the payment. Once that is done, we will send you an email with instructions to prepare for the interview to make sure it sounds great!

You also get 100% money-back guarantee. If at any time you are unhappy, or even after your first post goes live on social media you are dissatisfied, we will completely guarantee your happiness with this product or we will give you your money back.

Spacing is limited per city as we only do so many interviews per week, so you want to reserve your space now. Click on the link below to schedule your interview.

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Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

Are You Ready?

You can schedule a time that works for you by following the link below

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