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Craig Rowe

What’s Wrong With The Real Estate Sector Today With Craig Rowe

➡️ Description Craig Rowe is a journalist based in Truckee, CA, focusing on proptech, marketing and consulting for real estate. He’s also a backpacking guide in Yosemite National Park and the Eastern Sierra Nevada. ➡️ Referrals ⭐ Get a Referral to a Top Mortgage Lender or Realtor – ➡️ FREE Home Buying…

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Andrew Galler

Why 4% Interest Rates Where A Historical Anomaly, with Andrew Galler

➡️ Description Andrew Galler is a Realtor in Portland, Oregon and has been helping people buy (and sell) homes since 2001. His passion is navigating his clients’ largest financial and emotional investment in their lives: their HOME. ➡️ Referrals ⭐ Get a Referral to a Top Mortgage Lender or Realtor –…

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Kimberley Tufts

Real Estate Is URGENT: Why You Need To Get Into Every House The Minute You Can with Kimberley Tufts

➡️ Introduction Kimberley Tufts is a licensed REALTOR® serving New Hampshire and also Massachusetts. She is determined and committed to making the transaction as stress-free as possible and even fun while providing the utmost excellent service earning your trust, future referrals, and repeat business. First-time buyers are her favorite because…

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Robert Davenport

How To Get $25k Off From Your First Home with Robert Davenport

➡️ Introduction Robert Davenport is a seasoned real estate agent in Indiana who enjoys making your home dreams come true. As an Indiana native, Robert recognizes the trust his clients place in him and takes the lead with savvy negotiation skills, value, dedication and always putting his clients first. In his…

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Andrew Winnard

The Top 5 Components That All Home Inspectors Need To Check with Andrew Winnard

➡️ Introduction Andrew Winnard is a home inspector in Central Maryland who loves working with first-time homebuyers. He encourages all homebuyers to follow him through the on-site inspection so he can report and advise on the overall condition of the home while answering any questions they might have. ➡️ Referrals ⭐ Get a…

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The First Time Home Buyer Podcast - With Laura Moreno

Navigating the Real Estate Rollercoaster: A Recap of 2023 and Insights for 2024

Introduction Hello and welcome back to The First Time Home Buyer Podcast! I’m thrilled to be back with you for a brand new season. It’s been a while, and I appreciate your patience. Today, we have a special episode in store for you as we catch up on what’s been…

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Charles Kent

Emotions Out! Why You DO Need To Leave Your Emotions Out During Your Home Inspection, with Charles Kent

Introduction Charles Kent is a Certified Professional Inspector in Portland, Oregon with Status Inspections. Charles loves working with first-time home buyers and giving them the information, they need, to make the most educated home buying decision. When he is not inspecting homes, Charles loves snowboarding and camping with his wife…

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Jim Misner

(Freelancers + Entrepreneurs) How To Great A Fantastic Mortgage As A Self-Employed, with Jim Misner

Introduction Jim Misner is a top-producing home lender that serves all parts of Oregon and Washington. He has been teaching 1st-time homebuyer education for nearly 8 years and has a passion for helping people build wealth through real estate. He is also an active investor, family man, and artist. Get…

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Kurt Grassett

Home Inspection Reports (Explained): The 4 Sections Of Our Home Inspection Reports, with Kurt Grasset

Introduction Kurt Grassett is the owner and General Manager of Norway Hill Home Inspections, a home inspection company in Peterborough, New Hampshire with over 800 5-star reviews where they love loves teaching prospective home buyers about their new home. When not working Kurt likes to fly fish, travel to see…

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Amy Slotnick

Buydown MasterClass (OR) How How To Temporarily Reduce Your Interest Rate, with Amy Slotnick

Introduction Amy Slotnick is a SVP, Branch Manager, and Senior Mortgage Advisor in Newton, MA. She is a 40-year veteran of the mortgage industry and she is passionate about educating buyers through the home financing process. In her free time, she enjoys visiting her daughter, son-in-law, and new grandson in…

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