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Buying your first home can be one of the most stressful, overwhelming, and expensive experiences in your life.

This is why I created The First Time Home Buying Podcast, to make this experience EASY and DELIGHTFUL for you.

My goal is to EMPOWER you, the first time home buyer, with all the information and tools that you need so that you can make a great decision buying your first home.

What Others Say About Our Podcast...

"I have literally listened to every single podcast you've put out! Your podcast gave me the confidence and knowledge to be serious about being a first-time home buyer! Truly, I wouldn't be where I am today if I hadn't learned so much to make me feel like it was a realistic possibility. More importantly, they made me feel like I didn't have to navigate this stuff alone. Even though I never met you or had a convo with you or any of your guests, I always felt like I had an expert on my side."


Deanna Chavez

OMG! The #1 Skill For Real Estate Professionals, with Deanna Chavez

Introduction Deanna Chavez is a real estate agent in Fort Worth, Texas, and the owner of Chavez Realty Group. With over 30 years of experience, she created her company to provide people a chance to design the life that they want. In her spare time, she enjoys breeding German Shepherds,…

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Nolan Hall

EXPERT INTERVIEW: Why You Should Work With Your Agent’s Recommended Lender, with Nolan Hall

Introduction Nolan Hall is a Senior Mortgage Advisor with Cafe Lending out of Indianapolis, IN. He is passionate about giving buyers the best financing experience possible. While he is not working, he loves spending time with his wife and son and going on adventures as a family. Get In Touch…

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John Denison

(Always) Get A Second Opinion If Your Home Inspector Recommends It, with John Denison

Introduction John Denison is a professional real estate inspector and professional firefighter in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas. He enjoys working with homebuyers helping them understand the house they are looking at buying. When he is not working, he takes dance lessons with his wife and plays tennis with his daughter. Get…

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Ginson Speich

3 Secrets (Don’t Share!) To Always Win In A Multiple Offer Situation, with Ginson Speich

Introduction Ginson Speich is a real estate agent in Columbus, OH. He has been helping people buy and sell homes since 2008. He has a no-BS approach to his business and when not working he is spending time with his family, occasionally playing music, and always trying to make people…

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CJ Churchill

Why Real Estate Agents Really Matter (And Why They Will Never Go Away), with CJ Churchill

Introduction CJ Churchill is a real estate agent in Columbus, Ohio. CJ has become a successful agent in a short period of time earning recognition from the Columbus Board of Realtors & Top Producer Magazine. He has 2 children and is married to his best friend Shaunte Churchill. Get In…

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Tim Bullock

How To Combat Cash Offers, Now 30% Of All The Home Buying Offers, with Tim Bullock

Introduction Tim Bullock is a Senior Mortgage Consultant in Ohio at Union Home Mortgage. He has been Vice President of loan origination for 25 years and in the mortgage business for 28 years. He enjoys working with first-time home buyers who ask a lot of questions and he doesn’t mind…

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Aaron Kinn

Why You Should Visit (Maximum) 4 Properties In One Afternoon, with Aaron Kinn

Introduction Aaron Kinn is a real estate agent in Dallas Fort Worth Texas with over 20 years of experience. He has helped over 3,000 families buy and sell homes in the area and he is eager to help his clients in any way he can. In his free time, he…

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Leo Anzoleaga

Why The Number 1 Step When Buying A Home Is Connecting With Your Budget, with Leo Anzoleaga

Introduction With more than 19 years of experience in the mortgage industry, Leo Anzoleaga specializes in helping home buyers and their agents stay competitive in the fast-paced Washington, D.C. real estate market. In his free time he likes reading, drinking red wine and spending time with his family.. Get In…

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Karl Tunberg

Top (Home Buyer) Tips From 40,000 Built & Sold Properties in Arizona, with Karl Tunberg

Introduction Karl Tunberg is a broker in the Scottsdale/Phoenix, Arizona. He runs a 12-person team helping all buyers & sellers with their real estate needs. Married with 4 kids, Karl loves running, hiking, and all outdoor sports! Get In Touch With Our Guest Today If you’d like to get in…

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Matt Sickles

Why You Should Always Buy In A Great School District, with Matt Sickles

Introduction Matt Sickles is a NACHI Certified Professional Home Inspector, licensed in the state of Ohio. He brings to each inspection his experience of over 30 years in and around the building trades. His focus is on making all home buyers and sellers feel at ease while providing a level…

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Minh Lai

Changing Lives One Mortgage At A Time, with Minh Lai

Introduction Minh Lai is a loan officer in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. His career principles are stated in his email, “changing lives one mortgage at a time”. Outside of work he spends time with his girlfriend and practicing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Get In Touch With Our Guest Today If you’d like…

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Jim Troth

Why You Need A Nightmare-Preventer On Your Home Buying Team, With Jim Troth

Introduction Jim Troth is the co-owner of Habitation Investigation a multi-inspector home inspection company in Ohio. When not providing continuing education to real estate agents or inspecting they love to camp and are in the process of creating a campground and building a home. This is his awesome home inspection…

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Michelle Demopolis

(Home Buyers) Why This Is Your Time To Shine, with Michelle Demopolis

Introduction Michelle Demopolis is a real estate agent in Central Ohio. After being a Realtor for 18 years, she has helped thousands of clients buy and sell real estate. Central Ohio has remained a very strong real estate market and she works diligently to stay ahead of trends. In her…

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Sue Berg

How To Outsmart Cash Buyers, with Sue Berg – The First Time Home Buyer Podcast – Episode 204

Introduction Sue Berg is a real estate agent in Dublin, OH with 28 years of experience. She works hard to make the process simple and as she says she cuts to the chase and truly “Get You MOVING!” Get In Touch With Our Guest Today If you’d like to get…

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Todd Engle

Why 95% Of Home Flips Are Wrong And How Can You Protect Yourself, with Todd Engle – The First Time Home Buyer Podcast – Episode 203

Introduction Todd Engle is a home inspector in Ohio with over 6,000 inspections under his belt. He has also purchased, renovated & been involved with the building process of over 25 homes. He is an active volunteer and makes financial donations to many local charities. Get In Touch With Our…

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Sean Raley

After 5,000 Home Inspections These Are The Top 2 Mistakes Home Buyers Make, with Sean Raley – The First Time Home Buyer Podcast – Episode 202

Introduction Sean Raley is a home inspector in Morgantown, West Virginia. After 15 years in the aviation industry as a corporate aircraft inspector, my uncle who was a civil engineer encouraged me to enter the property inspection business. I’ve been inspecting residential and commercial properties since 2002. Get In Touch…

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Cole Holmes

The Top 2 (Critical) Questions That All Loan Officers Should Ask, with Cole Holmes – The First Time Home Buyer Podcast – Episode 201

Introduction Cole Holmes is a mortgage professional in Keller, Texas with more than 20 years of experience in the area of home purchase, and refinancing. He LOVES to serve and he is known for excellent customer service, deep knowledge, and open & active communication with ALL parties in the transaction…

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Matt Colia

Crawl Spaces: Why Your Home Inspector Really Needs To Get In There, with Matt Colia – The First Time Home Buyer Podcast – Episode 200

Introduction Matt Colia is a home inspector in Weatherford, TX., and a former Army Infantry Officer. He has a background in residential remodeling, which provided a smooth transition into the inspection profession and has allowed him to develop great attention to detail, which is something you can depend on during…

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Nathan Soliday

How To Get A 0% Down Loan by Nathan Soliday – The First Time Home Buyer Podcast – Episode 199

Introduction Nathan is a Mortgage Banker in the Southern Indiana/Louisville Kentucky Market. He has been in the mortgage and real estate business since 1997. He is a married father of 4 with 2 daughters getting married this year, and 2 sons that love Baseball and Basketball. When he is not…

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Saskia Ketz

Why You Need An Architect To Gut Renovate Your Apartment in NYC, with Saskia Ketz, founder of Mojomox – The First Time Home Buyer Podcast – Episode 198

Introduction Saskia Ketz is the founder of Mojomox, an online app that helps marketers, creators, and entrepreneurs design modern logos without any design skills. In 2018 she bought 2 small apartments in New York to combine them and gut renovated them and she wants to share with us what she…

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