Why You Need To Look At A Wide Variety Of Properties & Neighborhoods, with Tara Gray

Tara Grey

Tara Gray – Introduction

Tara Gray is an immigration law attorney and began her own practice in 2019 ‘Law Office of Tara Gray’. She currently lives in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn in a home she and her husband purchased during the pandemic. She is excited to share her experience of home buying in Brooklyn. In her free time she enjoys yoga, tennis and exploring New York City with her family.

Tara Gray – Summary

Tara’s Introduction and Upcoming Interview
Laura and Tara discussed Tara’s introduction, her personal background, and her experience of buying a home in Brooklyn. Tara shared her journey of living in New York for about 12 years, moving from a studio apartment in Soho to a larger space in Brooklyn Heights, and finally purchasing a home in Carroll Gardens during the pandemic. They also discussed potential technical issues with Tara’s earpods and the plan for Tara’s interview, which will be posted on various platforms including Spotify, iTunes, Youtube, TikTok, and Instagram reels. Laura assured Tara that any potential issues during the interview could be addressed and corrected.
Tara’s NYC Real Estate Journey
Tara and Laura discussed Tara’s experiences with renting and buying properties in New York City. Tara shared that she and her husband initially rented an apartment in Cobble Hill, which they found through a friend of the landlord, and then later purchased a larger apartment in Brooklyn Heights. She noted the competitive nature of the real estate market and the challenges of dealing with brokers’ fees. Tara also shared that they initially considered moving to the suburbs, but ultimately preferred to stay in Brooklyn due to its size and access to different neighborhoods. She described their current Brooklyn apartment, which has three bedrooms, three full bathrooms, and a large deck.
Tara’s New Apartment and Mortgage Discussion
Tara and Laura discussed the details of Tara’s new apartment, which includes three bedrooms, three bathrooms, and a deck. Tara explained the mortgage arrangement they opted for, a 10-year adjustable rate mortgage with a rate of around 2.25%, which was a good deal for them. Laura expressed her curiosity about the decision behind choosing a 10-year mortgage instead of a 30-year one, and Tara explained the mechanics of the rate adjustments over the 30 years. Laura then expressed her interest in understanding more about the home buying process.
Tara’s Property Purchase Experience and Insights
Tara recounted her experience of buying a property through a broker, who was a friend, in a new development. The process took longer than expected, primarily due to delays in the financial side, but Tara and her team were able to extend their lease to see it through. Tara appreciated the broker’s help in negotiations with the developer, resulting in desired alterations to the property. Laura asked for Tara’s insights on the differences between buying from a developer and a regular seller, to which Tara didn’t recall any significant differences.
Tara and Laura’s Apartment Search Process
Tara discussed the process of finding and purchasing their current apartment in New York City. She emphasized the importance of exploring a variety of neighborhoods and properties, as well as being flexible in their search. Laura agreed with Tara’s approach, highlighting the need to thoroughly research the market and multiple properties before making a decision. Tara also shared her emotions about finding the right apartment and the subsequent offer process, which included some back and forth negotiations. She expressed no regrets about their decision-making process.
Tara’s Home Buying Tips and Immigration Law
Tara shared her experiences and tips for buying a home in a high-demand market. She suggested creating a single platform to keep track of contacts, property details, and other related information. Tara also discussed her career as an immigration attorney and offered her services to the podcast’s audience. Laura edited the recording to remove minor inaccuracies and appreciated Tara’s insights and storytelling skills.

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