4 Tips To Find Off Market Houses For Sale, with Gina Tufano – The First Time Home Buyer Podcast – Episode 92


Gina Tufano has been running a highly successful real estate team in Northern Virginia since dinosaurs roamed the earth (1996). People are her passion – and helping them achieve their goals, personally and professionally has been a dream come true.


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Top Tips for Buying a Home

What is your top 4 tips to find off market homes for sale

  • 1. Send a personalized letter to home owners in the area asking if they know someone that could be looking to sell their home
  • 2. Post in neighborhood forums
  • 3. Look through expired listings
  • 4. Door knocking only if it is allowed in your area

What are your top tips to win a bidding war in a competitive market?

  • Have your finance documents ready (bank pre-approval letter, etc)
  • Be willing to waive some contingencies (only the ones that you are comfortable with)

The Ask

Is there anything we can do for you?

  • Get in touch with me if you are looking for information in the Northern Virginia (DC) market

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