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How To Buy A Home When English Is Not Your First Language, with Walkiria Pool – The First Time Home Buyer Podcast – Episode 47


Walkiria Pool is the President and Founder of Center for Assistance to Families (CAF) a HUD approved organization with offices in the state of Maryland, Virginia and Massachusetts. Her organization provides free educational workshops for first time home buyers.


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Top Tips for Buying a Home

What is your biggest piece of advice you can give to someone trying to buy their first home now

  • Don’t wait until it is too late to buy a home. Start now. Meet with a HUD counselor to know the steps that you need to take. The sooner the better.

What have you seen are the top mistakes homebuyers make? How can they avoid them?

  • They fall in love with a home and then they realize they cannot afford it, or they buy it and then they cannot afford it neither and that ends up in foreclosure. Don’t rush into buying a home, do your budget, save. And remember that lenders don’t have feelings! You need to make your mortgage payment or they will foreclose your home.

What could help first time home buyers save time?

  • Do your own research ahead of time.
  • Focus on your needs and then on your wants.
  • Find the area where you’d like to buy.

What could help first time home buyers save money?

  • Combine your car insurance with your home insurance.
  • Negotiate with your real estate agent to get a commission refund once you close

How can first time home buyers choose the best professionals to work with?

  • Learn about their motivation behind wanting to help you. And interview at least 3 agents and lenders!

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