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How To Know If You’ve Finally Found Your Dream Home, with Robert Commodari – The First Time Home Buyer Podcast – Episode 94


Robert Commodari is a real estate agent based in Baltimore, Maryland that has over 20 years of experience and that has sold over 1600 homes. He finds great joy in helping first time home buyers purchase their home.


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Top Tips for Buying a Home

How To Know If You Finally Found Your Dream Home

  • To know if you have found your dream home, just listen to your body and notice how you feel when you walk in that home. If your body seems to sing, that is your right home!

What have you seen are the top mistakes homebuyers make? How can they avoid them?

  • They watch too much TV
  • They don’t ask enough questions
  • They panic too soon and let their emotions get on the way

What are your top tips to win a bidding war in a competitive market?

  • Lay the ground, prepare your documentation and do some market research
  • Write a personal letter to the seller explaining your situation

How can first time home buyers choose the best professionals to work with?

  • Ask for referrals to friends and family or in social media forums

The Ask

Is there anything we can do for you?

  • If anyone is looking to buy or sell in Maryland, I’d love to be your guy!
  • Also, you can read my book on Amazon: Better Than You Think

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