Moving Horror Stories And How To Avoid Them in 2024 with Justin Revland


Justin Revland is the Marketing Manager for Hornet Moving in Charlotte, North Carolina. He enjoys representing a locally owned and operated small business that is doing big things in a quickly growing city. When not working, he stays busy finding new ways to get outdoors and spending time with his wife and 3 young children.


Real Estate Agent and Home Buying Advice
Justin Revland and Laura Moreno discussed their experiences and advice about finding a real estate agent and buying a home. Justin shared his positive experience with his agent, Mike, and emphasized the importance of finding an agent who understands your budget and specific needs. Laura agreed, advising to interview several agents before settling on one. They also discussed the importance of finding an agent who is an expert in your budget and specific location. Justin shared his personal experience about buying a home in September 2020, emphasizing the benefits of his neighborhood and the importance of taking the leap if one is financially ready and prepared. Laura agreed, noting that despite the rising prices and interest rates, the market trends indicate a gradual increase in home values and a possible decrease in interest rates. They highlighted the need for due diligence and preparation when purchasing a home.


Homeownership and Moving Experiences
Justin Revland shared about his experience as a homeowner and parent of three young girls. He emphasized the importance of having a stable and community-oriented environment for his family. He also discussed his personal experiences with moving, noting that while he had been able to manage with family help, he regretted not hiring professional movers. He suggested that homeowners should get in touch with moving companies early on, emphasizing the importance of finding a company that suits their specific needs.


Moving Company’s Pricing Structure
Justin Revland discussed the importance of preparing for a move by understanding the contents and square footage of a client’s home to determine the number of trucks and crew needed. He emphasized the value of using a reputable moving company that takes individual circumstances into account and provides detailed, transparent quotes. He also outlined the company’s pricing structure, which includes a minimum charge per hour and varying rates depending on the day of the week. Justin highlighted the company’s lack of hidden fees and their prorating of charges to the minute, which he believes makes their services more affordable.


Professionalism and Preparation in Moving Services
Justin Revland emphasized the importance of professionalism and honesty in their moving services, ensuring that customers get a fair deal. He highlighted the top mistake people make when moving, which is not being prepared when the movers arrive and leaving loose ends unresolved. Justin recommended booking a couple of weeks ahead and having everything ready for the move. He also shared some lighthearted moments from the job, including interactions with customers and unexpected gifts from them.


Moving Industry Concerns Shared
Justin shared some of his personal experiences and concerns regarding the moving industry. He highlighted the issue of a company that had charged his brother and sister-in-law an extra $1,200 for unloading their possessions from a truck. He suggested that checking Google reviews and ensuring the company is licensed and insured could help spot poor business practices. He stressed the importance of a positive moving experience and the tendency for customers to share their experiences online.


Hornet Moving’s Commitment to Top Spot in Charlotte
Justin from Hornet Moving expressed his team’s dedication to becoming the top moving company in Charlotte, North Carolina. He emphasized their commitment to trustworthy, hardworking service and shared various ways for potential clients to connect with them, including through their website, phone, or in-person at their office. Laura and Justin also discussed a potential collaboration, with Justin suggesting his real estate agent as a potential guest on Laura’s podcast.

Home Buying Resources

Navigating the world of home buying can be overwhelming, especially for first-time buyers. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of valuable resources to guide you through the process seamlessly.

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