Laura Olvera

Over 1,000 First Time Home Buyers Helped and This Is What I Learned, with Laura Olvera – The First Time Home Buyer Podcast – Episode 56


Laura Olvera currently oversees Community Partners for Affordable Housing’s (CPAH) education and counseling services and has the responsibility of educating and empowering future home buyers to prepare for successful homeownership. She also works with current homeowners, providing Post-Purchase Counseling to offer guidance and assist them in sustaining their homeownership.


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Top Tips for Buying a Home

What is your biggest piece of advice you can give to someone trying to buy their first home now

  • Do a budget, be comfortable with your monthly payments, and never spend the top amount your bank pre-approves you for

What have you seen are the top mistakes homebuyers make? How can they avoid them?

  • Not getting more information ahead of time. Educate yourself, take a home buying class

What could help first time home buyers save money?

  • Ask for downpayment assistance from the Government, your lender. Maybe you don’t need to use all your cash reserves!

The Ask

Is there anything we can do for you?

  • Go to our website and sign up for a class. You’ll learn a lot and empower yourself.

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