The Home Triangle Methodology, Unlocking the Perfect Home with Alison Derse

Alison Derse

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Alison Derse is an award-winning Realtor in Portland, OR. Her mission is to offer heartfelt care and white glove service with the best tools, resources and local market knowledge the industry has to offer. She works across all of Portland and surrounding suburbs. When she is not working, she loves entertaining and exploring the city with her husband and two young children.

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From Tech to Real Estate: Alison Derse’s Journey
Laura Moreno interviewed Alison Derse, an award-winning realtor in Portland, Oregon. Alison Derse shared her personal journey from working in tech in San Francisco to becoming a realtor in Portland. She emphasized her love for building relationships and negotiating, and how these skills have translated into her new career. Alison Derse also discussed her decision to move to Portland for a more affordable cost of living and family-friendly environment, and how she built her business and community entirely from scratch.


Alison Derse’s Portland Home Buying Experience
Alison Derse shared her family’s experience on how they decided to buy a home in Portland. She explained that they initially rented for six months to familiarize themselves with the city before finding a suitable house with the help of a realtor. She emphasized the importance of doing due diligence and understanding the market before making a purchase. Alison Derse also mentioned that she has been helping people navigate the home buying process, especially those moving to Portland. She encouraged anyone looking to make a big move to reach out to her for advice. The conversation also touched on the topic of home staging, with Alison Derse sharing her personal struggle with being too distracted by the aesthetics of a house, instead of focusing on its functionality.


Home Buying: New vs Old – Alison Derse’s Triangle Methodology
Laura and Alison Derse discussed the pros and cons of buying new versus old homes. Alison Derse emphasized the importance of considering price, location, and amenities when choosing a home, using a triangle analogy to illustrate her point. She also noted that while old homes often require more maintenance, some people find the charm and potential for customization worth the effort. Conversely, new homes may come at a premium price but may not appeal to everyone’s aesthetic preferences. The discussion concluded with Laura jokingly referring to Alison Derse’s triangle methodology as the “Home Triangle Methodology, by Alison Derse.”


Real Estate Market Overview and Advice
Alison Derse and Laura had a discussion about the current state of the real estate market. Alison Derse noted the potential for interest rates to drop, which could increase affordability and inventory, but also highlighted a shortage of inventory and a rush of buyers. She advised against waiting to enter the market due to potential competition. In the Portland market, Alison Derse confirmed its affordability and predicted no significant changes in the near future. She advised home sellers to prepare their homes for multiple bidding offers and noted the seasonality of the market with more homes hitting the market in spring and fall.


Real Estate Strategies and Risks
Alison Derse shared her strategy of buying properties during off-peak seasons to avoid competition, emphasizing the potential benefits and risks. She suggested getting pre-approved for a mortgage before starting to look for a home and doing diligent research on potential homes. Laura Moreno summarized the key points as avoiding overly romanticizing a home’s design and focusing on its practicality. She also proposed seeking consultation from a home stager. Laura shared her personal experience of considering a property but ultimately deciding against it due to the people involved. Towards the end of the discussion, Laura asked Alison Derse for advice on how some of her users can choose the best real estate agents to work with, to which Alison Derse praised Laura for doing her due diligence.


Agent Selection and Client Connection Strategies
Alison Derse emphasized the importance of selecting an agent who can effectively communicate and understand the clients’ needs. She suggested asking potential agents about their experience, ability to educate, and willingness to understand the client’s needs. Laura Moreno asked Alison Derse about the best questions to ask during an agent interview. Alison Derse responded that questions about an agent’s experience and approach to handling multiple offers were good starting points. Alison Derse also shared her personal approach to maintaining connections with clients after a deal closes, which involves visiting them, sending thoughtful gifts, and supporting their businesses. Laura praised Alison Derse’s approach and expressed interest in working with her. They concluded the conversation with mutual expressions of care and the intention to stay in touch.


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