Unlocking Secrets: The 3 Questions Top Real Estate Agents Ask First Time Home Buyers, with Chastin J. Miles

Chastin Miles

Chastin J. Miles

Chastin J. Miles is a real estate agent who focuses on Dallas properties. He specializes in various types of real estate, like houses, condos, commercial buildings, and luxury rentals. Chastin J. Miles and his team aim to change the way people think about real estate transactions. They go above and beyond what typical agents do. Chastin J. Miles wants to be more than just a real estate agent. He wants to help people understand their local communities better. He also offers services in design, marketing, and sales for buyers, sellers, developers, and investors.

Call Summary with Chastin J. Miles

Real Estate Agent’s Journey to Relationship-Focused Services
Laura Moreno interviewed Chastin J. Miles, a real estate agent who has been operating in the Dallas area for over a decade. Chastin shared his journey from focusing solely on transactions to prioritizing relationships and serving his clients. He now offers services in design, marketing, and sales for buyers, sellers, developers, and investors. Chastin also talked about how he transformed his business by focusing on long-term relationships with his clients, which resulted in increased referrals and client satisfaction. Towards the end of the interview, Laura asked Chastin to share his first-time home buyer story.


Transforming Real Estate: Personal Experiences and Communication Strategies
Chastin J. Miles shared his personal experiences of the emotional rollercoaster involved in purchasing a home and how it transformed his approach as a real estate agent. He emphasized the importance of over-communication and transparency with clients to alleviate their anxieties. Laura Moreno concurred, recalling her own home-buying experience and appreciating more communication from agents. Chastin also mentioned that he has developed systems to ensure effective communication and service to clients, which has helped him assist over 100 families in a year.


Community Building and Real Estate Decisions
Chastin J. Miles and Laura Moreno discussed the importance of community building in real estate, with Chastin sharing how his firm encourages clients to bring friends and family, leading to a sense of camaraderie and trust with their clients. Laura praised this approach and then shifted the conversation to the topic of home buying. Chastin identified the biggest mistake homebuyers make as not listening to their realtor, citing the influence of online chatter and the misinterpretation of national headlines. He emphasized the importance of trusting local experts and understanding long-term and short-term goals when making real estate decisions. Laura agreed with Chastin’s points, highlighting the need for trust and understanding of the local market.


Dallas Real Estate Market Overview
Chastin J. Miles and Laura Moreno discussed the real estate market in Dallas, Texas. Chastin emphasized the importance of a home buyer’s specific goals and shared his professional expertise, suggesting that even with fluctuating interest rates, real estate could still be a good investment. He described Dallas as a strong market due to a booming economy and significant investor interest, but noted the market could be challenging for first-time buyers. He also pointed out the availability of new construction opportunities due to abundant land. Laura agreed, noting the market’s constant changes and the significance of location and personal goals in navigating it.


Consulting With First-Time Home Buyers
Chastin J. Miles and Laura Moreno discussed the approach Chastin uses when consulting with first-time home buyers. Chastin emphasized the importance of understanding the buyer’s previous experiences, expectations, and level of knowledge about the real estate market. He also noted that he adapts his service based on the buyer’s responses, ensuring they feel valued and understood. Laura highlighted the significance of asking these questions to uncover potential biases or negative beliefs about real estate agents, which can impact their interaction.


Productivity and Relationship-Driven Work
Laura Moreno interviewed Chastin J. Miles about his new book, “Do the Most”. They discussed the importance of productivity and achieving goals without feeling overwhelmed. Chastin emphasized his approach of not only helping his clients but also their personal networks. Chastin shared his transition from a sales-driven to a relationship-driven agent. Laura agreed with his approach and highlighted the importance of balancing work with activities one loves. Chastin shared his contact details and encouraged people to join his mailing list for updates and occasional gifts. Laura showed her appreciation for Chastin’s insights and promised to add him to her referral list for potential homebuyers in the Dallas area. She also offered to send him emails about systems and invited him to suggest future podcast guests.

Home Buying Resources

Navigating the world of home buying can be overwhelming, especially for first-time buyers. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of valuable resources to guide you through the process seamlessly.

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