Where to Begin: Relocation Tips for First-Time Home Buyers, with Darren Kaplan


Darren Kaplan, known as MrMortgageGuru, is a husband of 23 years and a proud father to two wonderful children—a boy and a girl. As a seasoned mortgage banker, he has over 200 positive Zillow reviews, maintains a thriving YouTube channel with over 5000 subscribers, and brings over 20 years of valuable experience to his profession. Outside of work, Darren enjoys playing pickleball and collecting sports cards.

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Summary of the Meeting

Quick recap
Laura and Darren discussed their upcoming interview about home buying. They emphasized the importance of providing motivation, information, and entertainment. The interview is scheduled to take place in a few months and will be shared with their respective audiences. Darren shared his personal experience and insights about the mortgage industry and homeownership, highlighting the importance of financial stability and responsible homeownership.
Home Buying Interview Preparation
Laura and Darren discussed their upcoming interview, where Laura will ask Darren about his experience in home buying with the aim of educating first-time buyers. They agreed on the importance of providing motivation, information, and entertainment. The interview is scheduled to take place in a few months and will be shared with their respective audiences. Additionally, they showed readiness to commence a project, emphasizing their willingness to work together and the need for a positive mindset, as exemplified by Darren’s statement, “I’m ready to fly.” They also conducted a sound check to ensure the quality of their recording.
Mortgage Guru’s Journey and Motivations
Laura Moreno interviewed Darren Kaplan, also known as Mr. Mortgage Guru, who shared his journey into the mortgage industry. Darren revealed that he started in the industry at 20 years old, drawn by the potential for high earnings. He explained that while the financial incentives were a significant factor in his initial interest, his motivations have shifted over time. Now, he values the stability the mortgage business provides, allowing him to raise a family and provide for his children’s education. Darren also shared his personal experience of buying his first home at 21 years old in 2001.
Home Ownership Discussion With Darren Kaplan
Darren Kaplan discussed his personal experiences with housing, including his decision to transition from renting to owning a home. He emphasized the importance of sticking to a budget when considering a mortgage, and advised against overextending oneself financially. He also highlighted the potential downsides of home ownership, such as the limited options it can present as one ages, and the importance of finding a mortgage provider who prioritizes the client’s interests over their own financial gain.
Homeownership, Cost of Living, and Wealth Building
Darren Kaplan discussed the benefits of homeownership, emphasizing that it comes with adult responsibilities and can potentially lead to a better lifestyle. He suggested that relocating to areas with a lower cost of living could help individuals improve their financial stability. Darren also highlighted the importance of consistent living within one’s means and avoiding detrimental financial decisions. Laura Moreno asked Darren about the correlation between building wealth and real estate, and whether renting for life was a viable option.
Homeownership and Real Estate Investment
Darren Kaplan and Laura Moreno discussed the benefits and challenges of homeownership and real estate investment. Darren emphasized the potential of building wealth through real estate, using the example of using home equity to invest in other properties. Laura shared her concerns about the instability of renting, particularly for families with children, and the importance of homeownership in providing a stable environment. Darren acknowledged the financial constraints that can prevent people from owning a home and shared his own experiences of financial insecurity. The discussion concluded without a clear resolution, but with an agreement on the importance of financial stability and responsible homeownership.
Renters’ Challenges and First-Time Home Buyer Mistakes
Darren Kaplan discussed the challenges renters may face, emphasizing the importance of finding the right realtor and understanding one’s budget before purchasing a home. He advised against rushing into decisions and highlighted the importance of thoroughly inspecting potential homes, particularly those affected by fire. Laura Moreno agreed with Darren’s points and raised the topic of first-time home buyer mistakes. Darren emphasized the importance of communication, honesty, and seeking good advice at the beginning of the home ownership process. He highlighted the role of insurance in protecting against unforeseen events and enjoying the process of home ownership.
Housing Market and First Home Buying Advice
Laura Moreno and Darren Kaplan discussed the current state of the housing market and the idea of buying a first home. Darren emphasized that there is never a ‘perfect’ time to buy a home, given market conditions and interest rates, but it is always a good time if one can afford it. He shared his personal experience of missing out on affordable properties due to waiting for prices to decrease. Instead, he advised always buying and then waiting, as property values tend to rise. Laura summarized this advice as “always buy, but don’t overspend”. They also touched upon the benefits of homeownership, such as privacy and potential equity growth.
Relocation: Education, Motivation, and Myths
Darren Kaplan discussed his experience helping people relocate, particularly from the northern United States to the south. He emphasized the importance of education and motivation in the relocation process and stressed that relocation can be economically viable. He also shared his personal story of moving from Long Island to South Carolina and dispelled myths about racism and low wages in the south. Laura Moreno asked for his contact information so those interested in relocating could reach out to him.



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