Why “Hire Right” Is The Best Advice To Have a Wonderful Home Buying Experience, with Tony Ray Baker – The First Time Home Buyer Podcast – Episode 82


Tony Ray Baker has been helping friends, family and clients buy and sell real estate in Tucson since 1994. He enjoys every aspect of real estate, from negotiating to advertising and marketing and he provides fantastic results for his clients!


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Top Tips for Buying a Home

What is your biggest piece of advice you can give to someone trying to buy their first home now

  • Hire right! Get an honest and trustful agent with lots of qualifications. Also make sure they’ve done real estate full time for at least 10 years with at least 10 transactions per year.

What have you seen are the top mistakes homebuyers make? How can they avoid them?

  • Not hiring right. You should talk to an agent before even talking to a lender.

What are your top tips to win a bidding war in a competitive market?

  • Make sure your agent understands the law and presents a great offer that is better that the other offers. Also make sure you work with great professionals because their reputation will make you more likely to win that offer

The Ask

Is there anything we can do for you?

  • If you are a happy nice person looking to buy in the Tucson, Arizona area, get in touch with me

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