Why You Need A Passionate (Area) Expert When Buying A Home, with Randy Baruh

Randy Baruh


Randy Baruh is a real estate agent in New York City with over 22 years of experience. He enjoys a proven record of sales success and lasting relationships with the people he has helped over the course of his career. Whether they are looking to buy, sell, rent, or invest Randy’s attention to detail and dedication to his client’s needs have enabled him to consistently exceed their expectations. Randy enjoys exploring NYC restaurants, museums, and parks with his family, and is a member of Corcoran Cares, and the Real Estate Board of New York.

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Laura Moreno: First, I’m home by nation. I am Laura A. Moreno, and I am super excited to bring you our fantastic guest today, Randy Baruh. Randy is a real estate agent in New York City. With over 22 years of experience, he enjoys a proven record of.

Sales success and lasting relationships with the people he has help over the course of his career. Whether they’re looking to buy, sell, rent, or invest, Randy’s attention to detail and dedication to his clients’ need. Needs have enabled him to consistently exceed their expectations. Randy also enjoys exploring New York City restaurants, museums, and parks with its family, and is a member of the Koran Curse and the Real Estate Board of New York.

Randy, are you ready to Flow?

Randy Baruh: I am ready to flow.

Laura Moreno: Yes. Great. So I’ve given our community just a little insight. Please share more about you personally and then expand upon your business.

Randy Baruh: Absolutely. Well, thank you so much for having me. I’m so excited to be here on your podcast. Um, I, as you said, I’ve been in New York for [00:01:00] 22 years.

I work at Corcoran and I work all over Manhattan and Brooklyn. I’ve bought, sold, invested, rented properties for my clients in every area that I’ve lived, uh, in New York since 1996. Um, that’s when I moved to New York. I’ve been selling real estate for most of my time in New York City. I got my license in 2000, and we work all over Manhattan and all over Brooklyn.

I live in Brooklyn. Uh, we work with buyers, sellers, renters, investors. We work with, uh, townhouses, condos, and co-ops, as well as multi-family rental properties. I have a team here at Corcoran. It’s myself. I have an operations manager. And, uh, an associate agent, and we’re based in the soho office. So it’s nice to have a footprint in the both Manhattan and the Brooklyn markets, uh, in order to serve the widest variety of clients, uh, and help as many people as possible, you know, live that New York dream of owning a piece of property here in the city.


Laura Moreno: [00:02:00] awesome. I love actually your Instagram account. You are so much fun, . You have so much fun showing homes and letting us see those beautiful properties, so thank you for

Randy Baruh: that. Thank you, thank you. I’m so enthusiastic. Uh, I love my job and I love the city and you know, I feel like I’m an advocate, an ambassador for New York City.

I mean, people ask why it’s still expensive here in the city. You know, you only. This little box and, and why does one little box cost a million dollars? But you’re not really paying just for the box. I mean, you’re living near some of the best museums, the best parks, the most interesting people. There’s so many industries that are centered here in New York City, and so it’s really, your home isn’t just the four walls and the floor that you’re living in your home is also the park across the street.

Your home is the bodega on the corner, the. All of this incredible infrastructure and [00:03:00] shopping and restaurants and people that we, that we have in this incredible town. So it’s really important for me to highlight, uh, the things that make New York great, the restaurants, the culture, um, and, uh, and so I’m really excited and I love promoting the city and, and sharing it with, uh, with all of our followers across the world.

Laura Moreno: That’s awesome. That’s awesome. So what made you become a real estate agent? Why did you do this to yourself? It’s actually a great career, but why do you do this to yourself? Yeah, it’s


Randy Baruh: great career. It is. And you know, to be honest, when I moved to New York, I moved here in 1996 after getting a masters’ of fine Arts degree from a program between Carnegie Mellon University and the Moscow Art Theater School in Russia.

And I spent six months in Moscow and then we moved to New York. We all auditioned. I was an actor. I immediately decided that I wanted to become a director, and so I started directing plays in 1996, and I was working for different theater producers on Broadway, and [00:04:00] in the year, I would say 1999 ish, 2000, I won a big directing award.

And so, I was working for some Broadway producers at the time, and they said, Hey, you know, it’s better that you go out and do this directing full time and not have this administrative job working for us. You should, you know, be promoting yourself and following your path and, and creating your art, which was an incredible gift.

I’ve always loved real estate and I’ve always loved New York, and I’m the type of person. Likes a flexible schedule. Likes to be my own boss, to create my own destiny, create my own path. And so myself and some other actors that I had a theater company with at the time, one of them has gone on to win Tony Awards and you know, Emmy Awards, some of them have won Academy Awards.

Um, You know, Grammys, things like that. Um, and so we started out in real estate [00:05:00] as my day job, and then I was directing plays full time. And during the dips when I wasn’t directing, I would put full force into real estate. And so after a few years I was. I was just kind of tired of living in a tiny apartment in a sleeping bag and not being able to really afford to enjoy my life.

It was like my work was my life. Now, in real estate, your work is also your life. It’s a lifestyle. It’s not necessarily just a job. But I, I just loved all the different people that I was meeting, and I loved all of the amazing properties and neighborhoods that I was exploring. It was almost like going on a treasure hunt every day and every day was different.

So over the course of a few years, it just organically became my time thing. I, uh, actually directed a really big off-Broadway. With an actor, this actor Dan Fogler, who’s in all of the, um, [00:06:00] Forbidden, Uh, he, he’s in a lot of the, um, the new Harry Potter films. Um, and he was on a show, the offer I worked, uh, uh, there was another, a couple other actors in it.

One of them is a big writer on the show, Dead to me on Netflix. Another one was another actor who does a lot of television and film, and so it was a big project. I decided to take a year off of the directing and go full time into real estate to just make some money and, uh, I kind of never, never looked back.

And so one of the beauties of it is I’ve been able to maintain all of my contacts from the entertainment world, and that’s a big chunk of my business. I work with a lot of different actors, director. You know, we were speaking earlier, we both live in Brooklyn and, and I, you know, help a lot of these.

Everybody wants to live in Brooklyn now. Matt Damon lives in Brooklyn Heights. John Christ Sinski lives in Brooklyn Heights. I helped Joaquin Phoenix find a place in Brooklyn Heights once, and, you know, they all wanna live there. And so I’ve been able to [00:07:00] continue working with artists, but in a little bit of a different way and use a lot of my communication skills and creativity in order to help my buyers and sellers.

Um, in a, in a fun way. So whenever I’m working on a sale, for example, I, I sold this house. It was a 10 million house in Boham Hill, uh, 6,000 square feet with a two car garage. I worked on it from concept to completion, and we launched in April of 2021. And I got a Broadway choreographer, uh, to help me make this musical video.

And it’s called Bon, my three 11 State Street. And that one, uh, uh, video award, the New York Real Estate Video Awards, which is actually a thing. And it won best independent production. And it’s basically me dancing through this. But, so you guys could check it out on my YouTube channel. Just look up YouTube, Brandy Baru, and the name of the video is Three on My Toes at three 11 State Street.

It’s had over 30,000 views and it’s, it’s very joyous and [00:08:00] joyful. So I put a lot of that creativity because I’m a creative person into the way that I market properties, into the way that I work with people. And I think it gives me a little bit of an edge to think outside the box. Come up with, you know, creative ways to solve problems.

Laura Moreno: You are so interesting

Randy Baruh: because long story short

Laura Moreno: Yeah, yeah. You’re so interesting because you, uh, you actually started with, uh, you know, being a director and, and you’re transitioning to real estate and I, you, you actually brought all those skills of directing into listing properties and coming up with creative ways of, of helping your clients, which is so.

Randy Baruh: Absolutely. And you know, everything is, I, I’ve, I’ve been able to take these skills really, and I’m, I’m very fortunate to be able to have had that training because I really believe it helps a lot, even when we’re working with buyers. The, the art of communication, of painting a picture, of asking questions, of [00:09:00] understanding people’s needs on an emotional level because no one buys a house just for the numbers unless they’re looking for an investment.

And then it’s all about the numbers. But if you’re looking for a place to live, it’s, it’s a feeling that you get when you walk in a place. It’s painting a picture. It’s imagin. So at the kitchen table in the morning, fixing your smoothie or drinking a cup of tea or coffee, whatever beverage you enjoy, and sitting down and having that feeling of home, right?

And so my skills in the arts, in theater, Directing, Creating a set, creating a scene, understanding people’s motivations and asking questions to really get to the nugget of the problem, to really understand someone’s motivations and needs and what will help make their lives better. That intuitive feeling, that training to understand someone’s mindset and build that rapport has been an invaluable part of.[00:10:00]

Um, career. Uh, and I think it’s one thing that connects me with my clients in a, in an organic, uh, in a meaningful way. Yeah. Oh, I

Laura Moreno: have a question for you. So these famous clients, you know, artists, actors, directors, the people that we see in the movies, like. Do we, Do they have the same feelings that we, the rest of humanity go through and we buy a of course home or sell a percent?

Absolutely. Or that, Do they keep it up and be like, No, I own this, I have got this. Does anyone cry like ?

Randy Baruh: Um, oh, you know, definitely. First of all, nobody ever says that buying or sell in a home. Or renting a home or finding someone to rent your home. Look, the process is very emotional and very difficult, and so my job is to make it as easy as possible and take all that heavy lifting and, and take all those emotions like a.

Sponge and then transform it to calm happiness, you know? And so no matter who they are, whether [00:11:00] they’re in a, you know, uh, uh, someone who is getting their first home, that’s starting out in life and it’s an inexpensive property, those stakes are even higher. It’s even more important to them. But at the same.

You know, I’ve worked with a, a couple in, um, I worked with this one guy who was an actor who was shooting a show in Canada, and my team, who was looking for a place in Manhattan and very well known actor on a big show, been in the business for 40 years. And we were just running all over town for him doing FaceTime showings.

I showed him 95 apartments before he found one, and, and that was like Manhattan. And he really wanted to be in Manhattan. He grew up in Manhattan and he has the same fears, concerns, and needs as as anybody else. Then there’s another couple that I helped by their first home when they became a couple together in Brooklyn, and now I just helped them buy their second house in Brooklyn.

And they’re very well known. [00:12:00] Husband and wife, both big movies and big television show careers. But you know what, they’re just like any other mom and dad with two, you know, two kids trying to figure out what the heck they’re gonna school they’re gonna send them to, you know what’s going on. You know, getting them into the right art classes or TaeKwonDo classes or whatever.

I mean, at the end of the day, if you’re moving to New York, I think you’re moving I, I, I personally, because I am a New Yorker and I love this town, it’s, it’s real, it’s, it’s, it’s, I don’t wanna say gritty, but it’s, it’s just real life. Like they get away from the glitz in the glam of California. And I’m from California and I grew up in Northern California.

I lived in Southern California. I haven’t lived there in many, many years. I’ve been in New York since 1996, but I think these, these quote unquote celebr. They want, they don’t want to stand out in a crowd. They, they want to, they wanna live the regular old New York City lifestyle and go to [00:13:00] the museums and see the movies and play in the park with their dog and their kids just like everybody else.

And the beauty of this, of, of, of this city is that we don’t really give a shit about who anybody is. They could be the fanciest person in the world. It’s like, whatever. We’re taking the subway. We’re hanging out in the park, we’re getting an ice cream at the ice cream stand. And and that’s what, That’s what everybody wants, right?

And so even if I’m working with some hedge fund finance person, Person still, our kids are playing in the park together. They’re going to the same little, you know, preschool science classes or, or we’re all dealing with where the hell we’re gonna send our kids to middle school and, and things like that.

But I

Laura Moreno: lo I love that about New York. I love that you can go into sneakers to a museum or to another gallery and be a poor person or not, or like a rich person and you’re dressed the same and you kind of really know what, what’s in every anyone’s account. It’s, uh, it’s

Randy Baruh: so, No, and you can never judge a book by its cover.

That’s what I tell everybody. Just never judge a book by its [00:14:00] cover because someone who looks super fancy, they may be spending their entire paycheck on their clothes or their watch, or whatever their ACC Ctra months are, and someone who looks like, you know, Wearing sweats and no makeup and walking around with their dogs.

They could be like an Oscar winning actor, actress, or something like that, you know? So never judge a book by its cover. I was just, I just visited. I do these great neighborhood tours. It’s one of my favorite things that I get to do. Oh, tell me more about that. So, yeah, so I tour different neighborhoods and I’ll shoot.

For a day in uptown, downtown, like we did the West Village. We’ve done Dumbo, I’ve done Brooklyn Heights, I’ve done Tribeca, I’ve done Upper West Side, the Upper East Side. Um, And so we just recently did one in Chelsea. So the whole video will be on my YouTube and it’s about five to seven minutes long. And I highlight certain spots in, in these neighborhoods.

Again, because I’m a local expert, like my job is to know where the museums, where that amazing restaurant is, where that [00:15:00] pizza place is. That might not be in the books, but you know, you gotta, you got, you got the Randy recommendation for pizza or burgers or tacos or whatever it is. Um, and so we were.

Chelsea, we shot at the Highline, We shot at Little Island. We shot at, um, this Starbucks Roastery Reserve Roastery, which is the craziest Starbucks if you’ve never been there. It’s across from Chelsea Market where we also shot. And this Starbucks is like unbelievable. It’s crazy. I’ve never seen a Starbucks like it.

They’re opening a couple more I think. And then we, we shot, um, and so we, we went to the Whitney Museum. And so it’s one five to seven minute log video, but, but it’s also broken into five to seven one minute videos and each little video. Is a different location. So the locations get to go up on my social media and the video itself goes on YouTube.

And so one of the things that we shot was in a Whitney and we got to go and check out the Edward Hopper exhibit, which I recommends to [00:16:00] anybody to check it out. And you get to see like, I didn’t think that there were too many tourists in, in this checking out this exhibit. It was just a cross section of New Yorkers from art students to seniors to older, older couples who’ve lived in the city their entire lives, and everybody in between.

Rich, poor, whoever, you know, we’re in the most cosmopolitan city in the world, and you, you see them all at like a cultural. Yeah. Um, vast destination like the Whitney. And the other thing is it’s Edward Hoppers New York. So he was a New York artist, a modern artist, you know, painting in the early 19 hundreds, 1920s, and painting New Yorkers and painting just average New York like he would.

Look in windows, and so you’d see a window within the people living inside the apartment doing mundane tasks, whether it’s changing their clothes or cooking or having a conversation. And it’s really a window into New York. And [00:17:00] so I, I need to check it out for sure. Amazing. You’ve gotta check it out. Yeah.

So. That’s one of the fun things that we get to do are these neighborhood tours and, uh, that’s a lot of fun. I think this next one’s gonna be great. Yeah. So,

Laura Moreno: Randy, I have a quick question for you. Do you, um, only work with, uh, famous, uh, clients, or do you accept any, Like if I am, uh, looking for in the studio in New York and I have a lower budget, Will you say, Nope, go to another one?

Or do you

Randy Baruh: take everyone? We take everybody. We take everybody abs. Of course we do. We take everybody I’ve, I will sell a $300,000 studio up on 130 eighth Street or rent an apartment on 150 third Street for $1,700 a month. And with the exact same effort, passion, and enthusiasm that I’m working on a $20,000 a.

Townhouse rental or a $20 million property sale. You know, uh, honestly, we wanna help everybody. We love helping everybody, and we’re actively working with [00:18:00] everybody. Like that’s the thing. If you could see, if you could go on my agentPage@corcoran.com, um, you’ll see. Every, every kind of listing for every kind of buyer in every kind of price point.

And everyone gets a thousand percent of effort from us. And that’s why I have a team, because we don’t wanna, we want to work with everybody. You know? I want to grow and, um, and, you know, offer assistance and advice to, to as many people as possible. I just love this town and I love what I do, and, and I care about the people that I work with and.

You know, ultimately, you know, if you need anything. No, no. Nothing’s too small. Nothing’s too big. You know, we’re here to offer advice

Laura Moreno: and help. That’s awesome. I love that. Now, let’s take a quick second to thank our sponsors.

Welcome back, Randy. Now I, I’m going to ask you a series of share questions to help our audience a little bit more. Are you ready? Okay, great. I’m. Great. Please share with us your [00:19:00] biggest piece of advice you can give to someone trying to buy their first home in New York now.

Randy Baruh: The most important piece of advice I can get give to you is number one, you want to speak to a lender, you want to talk to a mortgage broker.

Usually when we work with first home home buyers, we ask them, Do you have a pre-approval? If they don’t, we recommend. Three to five banks and lenders to them to get that pre-approval. We can’t put in an offer on, on a home without having that pre-approval letter. And it could be a pre-qualification letter as well, which usually takes about 24 hours to get.

Um, even now there is such limited inventory. When you find that great apartment, there might be multiple offers on it. You know, forget about what you’re hearing. You know, in all of the news, the fact of the matter is, is inventory has gone down and there’s not as many great homes on the market, and so there’s more competition for what’s left.

That said, prices have also begun to co have, have also [00:20:00] begun to come down to like pre pandemic levels, so we’re not in the 2021 crazy skyrocketing prices that we were, that we saw that was this crazy. We’re back to the 20 18, 20 19 pre pandemic and pricing levels. And so, you know, we wanna make sure that when you find that perfect property, number one, you, you know how much you can afford, right?

Sometimes people, they think they can afford more than they actually can, or less than naturally can. And that gives us the ability to figure out what, what’s your monthly outgoings? What are your monthly care and costs? What are you comfortable with? Um, and when we find that perfect home, we already have the pre-approval letter ready to.

To submit with the offer cuz it’s a requirement to submit that with the offer. We also have a basic, very basic financial statement that we ask a buyer to fill out. Um, again, we need that to submit with the preapproval letter. So those are two documents that are required to submit a professional offer and that’s what the [00:21:00] first thing that we need to make sure that our buyer.

And we wanna make that preapproval letter no more than three months old. So if it’s been longer than three months, we ask that you can get a new one because again, we don’t want to be we, we want you to get that perfect property when you see it. We wanna make sure that our clients are successful every single time, and so we want them to be prepared and we help prepare them.

Laura Moreno: Got it. What have you seen in the market? Because again, you were telling me that pre, we bought this apartment in 2017 and mm-hmm. , we thought it was a hot market then 2018, sorry. And we thought it was very hot then, because there were multiple offers. We were like, Okay, this is New York. But for me, living in Brooklyn and New York, I haven’t seen any changes in the market because it’s always been really hard to find homes where I live.

Yeah. Like do you also see the same, Is it specifically in

Randy Baruh: this. A hundred percent. It’s extremely difficult in that area. Where you’re living is like, I call it like a bulletproof location. It’s never gone down. [00:22:00] I, like I said, I’ve been doing real estate for 22 years. I’ve lived where you are in, in that general vicinity for 10 years and.

Even in 2020, in July of 2020 when the real estate market was closed, we weren’t allowed in many, many buildings. Didn’t even allow us to show properties cause they didn’t wanna bring strangers in their building. So we still, I, I sold a townhouse on State Street in Bo Hill and in July of 2020, the middle of the.

I was not even on site. We did it on, um, FaceTime. Um, we got four offers on that house. Wow. So we, we were, our Brooklyn clients were still very successful and very busy, even in 2020. So that market has not slowed down. But New York City is really not one market. It’s a, it’s a cluster of micro markets. And, and so Carol Gardens, Brooklyn Heights, Cobble Hill, Boham.

It’s like one [00:23:00] little world. I mean, Brooklyn Heights is vastly different than Carol Gardens. Boham Hill is different than Cobble Hill. That little area is very different than the West Village in Tribeca. Upper West Side, Upper East Side, totally different. So the market could go down on the Upper East Side, but up in the West Village, it just really, every neighborhood is completely different.

But, but Brooklyn, Has never seen a lull. Um, you know, and, uh, and so buyers really need to be extra prepared.

Laura Moreno: For someone that is asking, it’s like, I love that concept of bulletproof, bulletproof location. How do you find one, if you’re anywhere in the country? I mean, what are the characteristics of a bulletproof

Randy Baruh: location?

Yeah. You know, I don’t know. I, I’ve only done real estate in New York City, but even, even my colleagues who. I, I, I have a, uh, I, I get business coaching. I’m a client of a business coaching, a real estate business coaching [00:24:00] company, um, owned by this guy named Tom Ferry, who’s this genius, uh, guru for real estate agents, Tom Ferry.

You could find him on YouTube and see all of his videos. If you’re real estate agents who are listening, I’m gonna give a shout out to Tom Ferry. Um, and so I know, I know agents all over the country through this national. Company. And so even in San Francisco where you think this.com money is pouring in.

I think things have really slowed down there, so I can’t really, I’m not educated enough to really speculate on fully on other areas outside of New York City, but I can say Brooklyn for the most part. Park Slope, Prospect Heights, Bo Hill, Cobble Hill, Carol Gardens, Brooklyn Heights, Dumbo, You know, some of these neighborhoods in.

I have not seen the market really dip. I don’t, I I have also seen a, uh, uh, a drop in inventory, which has also led to [00:25:00] spices remaining very, very strong. But I haven’t really seen it go down. I can say like the upper West side that’s that’s gone down Upper East Side has gone down. But it also depends on the type of property as well.

You know, properties between one and $3 million are still really, really strong properties, over $5 million, you know, depending on the location. Maybe you’re not a, a lot of those guys are kind of taking a wait and see a approach. Some of the sellers, some of the buyers. The other thing is, is because they’re such low inventory sellers are thinking to themselves, Okay, if I do sell my property, where am I gonna go?

What am I gonna do? You know, because there’s such little inventory and so, It’s tough. It’s tough, you know, it depend. The, the, the best advice that I can give to buyers and sellers in, in, in a complicated market is do what you need to do when you need to do it. And don’t [00:26:00] try to, no one has a crystal ball.

Don’t try to. Speculate, if you need to get a bigger apartment because you’re having another child, well, you’re gonna be miserable in your one bedroom with two kids. Um, you know, you might be you or if you’re, if you’re ready to downsize and now you have this big apartment and you’re thinking, Oh, maybe I’ll wait till next year to sell.

I don’t know what’s gonna happen next year. And nobody does because nobody has a crystal ball. One thing that we do know, because we’re being told. Is interest rates are gonna go up. So if interest rates go up and less, even more, yeah, they’re definitely gonna go up. And if they do and, and when they go up, there might be more people who, who aren’t super committed to buying or selling that stay on the sidelines.

Well, what’s that gonna do to the rental market? It’s only gonna push the rental prices up more and more because people aren’t buying or selling, they’re gonna just. And so it’s, um, we’re seeing this kind of [00:27:00] trifecta here. So ultimately, you know, my, my best advice is, you know, don’t worry about it. Do what you need to do when you need to do it.

You get married to the price. So if, if your home price comes down a little bit, that’s the price that you’re buying at interest rates are probably gonna go up a little bit more, and then they’re gonna kind of come down a little bit more and you can always refinance in a year or two and get a better.

But you, But the, but the price that you buy the home for is the price that you buy the home for. And it’s better to buy when the prices are low than when the prices are high.

Laura Moreno: So is it a good time to buy a home in New York now? I mean, based on interest rates are up, home, prices maybe up and down or same, but do you think it’s like a time to buy or are those people waiting on the sidelines being, um

Randy Baruh: Right.

Well, I would rather buy with a lower interest rate before they go up at. So if you have to buy, if you’re, if like, why would you wanna keep on paying off your landlord’s mortgage if you’re [00:28:00] renting? You know, right now the stock market’s up. The stock market’s down, you know, But one thing that you know for, so.

Certain is that home prices in New York City over a 10 year period average about a 7% appreciation. So most people, when they buy a one to three bedroom condo or co-op, that’s usually about a five to seven year lifespan. Um, if you’re buying a two bedroom, Maybe in five to seven years, you’re gonna need a three bedroom.

If you buy a three bedroom, maybe in five to seven years, you need a four bedroom, or you need to go back to a two bedroom. So ultimately, you know, it’s up to the, the, the individual, what’s gonna help them help improve their life. But I can say with certainty, because rents are so high, It makes zero sense.

If you’re renting a one bedroom apartment, even in your neighborhood, they’re averaging about $5,000 a month and you’re giving, That’s crazy. Crazy. If you’re giving [00:29:00] $60,000 a year to your landlord, right, In two years, that’s $120,000 after taxes. Like clean money. Yeah. Right. In three years, that’s 180, you know, $180,000.

That is now your down payment for a home of your own gone. Um, and so I always think. It’s a no brainer to own a piece of New York City real estate because you know, everybody that was so fast to write New York off in 2020 didn’t happen. Not happening, never gonna happen. Um, New York City, you know, we have all so many universities here.

People send their kids to college here from all over the world. We have, we have, it’s the center of finance in this country and in most of the world we have with the Wall Street and all of the funds and, uh, you know, law firms, it’s the center of culture. We have technology, we have it all. So New York City’s not going anywhere.

And if you have the [00:30:00] money, I always think it’s a good time to buy in New York City. It’s better than renting. That’s for.

Laura Moreno: I agree. Well, Randy, you’ve shared with us amazing information today. What can we do for you? I mean, our audience? Is there anything you we can help you with?

Randy Baruh: Well, I’m always looking to help more people.

So what can I do for you? What can I do for your audience? You know, my, my job is to help as many people live their dream in New York City as possible. So if anybody in this audience. Has a friend or family member that is looking to buy, sell, rent, or invest in New York, or you’re looking to buy, sell, rent, or invest in New York yourself.

Please, you know, reach out. I would love to answer any questions, offer assistance, even if they’re not looking right now, they’re looking in a year from now. Don’t worry about it. I’m here for you. Um, if you are looking to get entertained and wanna have a smile on your face, Please follow my Instagram account and my YouTube account.

I’m also on TikTok at Randy Baru and we make fun [00:31:00] irreverent videos about New York and and real estate. And I would love it if you followed me again, I want to help you. I wanna put a smile on your face and so, It’s not about what you could do for me, it’s about what I can give back and what I can give for you guys.

Laura Moreno: So, well, Rhonda, you have such an amazing, positive, um, attitude and you know, I’m just smiling while you’re talking. It’s like really? Oh, thank you. A blessing .

Randy Baruh: Me too, me too. I’m so grateful for you to call me up and, and arrange this. I’m, I’m extremely, uh, grateful and, and you’ve been wonderful. So,

Laura Moreno: Well, thank you so much again for being in the first Time Home Buyer podcast.

We really, really, really appreciate this and you, so thank you so much. Really

Randy Baruh: well, likewise. Thank you. Have a great afternoon.

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